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Our nearshore staff augmentation service offers experienced health-tech software engineers, testers, and analysts located close to your company for efficient communication and collaboration. 

Quickly add skilled, pre-vetted professionals to your team and tackle new projects with ease. Our diverse tech resources bring fresh perspectives and specialized skills to drive innovation and growth. Don’t struggle to meet demands – try nearshore staff augmentation and see your team succeed.

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Why Are We The Better Choice

At Vantage IO, we have a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry. Our team undergoes extensive pre-vetting to ensure that we are only providing the best resources for your company. Some additional reasons to choose us include:

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You Are In Good Company

More than technology, we build strong partnerships.
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We Are Being Noticed

We are humbled and honored to be recipients of these and many industry awards recognizing our commitment to serving our teams, our clients and our community.

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