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LMS software development for training a global salesforce in multiple regions in addition to providing direct support to on-boarding students.

Developing the LMS Software Story

A global leader in the makeup industry reached out as they faced the challenges of training a distributed workforce in the latest products with speed and efficacy. 


We developed a custom learning management system (LMS software) that allowed the company to rapidly create, train and validate results amongst their workforce. The platform had to work in multiple languages, tailored for each region. It also had to allow for regional offices to monitor their engagement and success with strict and robust access control policies. 

Services Provided

Custom Software Development

We performed end-to-end development of their LMS platform. Architecture, infrastructure and deployment.

Data Analytics

We analyzed student trends and created reports, dashboards and provided insights on how to improve the content from a data-driven perspective.

Infrastructure Support

We serve as Tier 2 / 3 for user support as well as provided on-going support, maintenance, security updates and monitoring and overall availability monitoring.

Custom Software Development
Learning Management System (LMS)

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