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Marketing automation and api integrations between tracking platforms, analytics and CRM's. Architecture and implementation of technical requirements to automate lead generation in multiple countries.

The Story

A global giant in healthcare launched a new product for hospitals in Latin America. A marketing strategy they wished to create a network of lead-gen sites tied to SMS campaigns, Salesforce integration and augmentation of data for semi-automated lead qualification and segmentation.

 We worked side by side with multiple stakeholders creating a unified solution that helped the company execute on their strategy for API integration that generate results. 

API integration

Services Provided

API Integration

Design, implementation and monitoring of various integrations including Salesforce, MailChimp and Twilio

Data Analytics

Marketing data analyzed at scale. Preparation of KPI dashboards, trend analysis and fine tuning of metering and attribution.

Marketing Funnels Implementation

UI/UX, coding and A/B testing of multiple lead generation funnels implemented in WordPress and connected to multiple marketing sources.

Key Numbers

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Lead Increase

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