Your 2021 Guide to Choosing a Software Developer in the USA

In 2021, businesses will look to recoup costs and losses. Rather than give up on projects, companies will fin ways to cut costs. Learn how
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In 2021, software developer and businesses of all kinds and sizes will look for ways to recoup costs and losses of the tumultuous, previous year. Rather than give up on new projects or product ideas, companies will pursue new modes of business and cut costs where possible to stimulate growth and streamline their processes.

Whether you are a climbing startup organization or a large retailer that needs bespoke software, a custom software development company can fine-tune programs and digitize processes. You can fill custom functions and satisfy unique needs across your company with a software developer. And, more and more organizations turn to custom software solutions each year. Get the advantage by reading this 2021 guide.

Work through the following steps, and learn to choose the best software development company for your project. Use your own goals to fill in the criteria you will use and develop through each decision-making phase. Pare down the forest of possible software partners, and see which is truly best for you. This is your 2021 guide to choosing a custom software development company in the USA for your company. 

Define Your Custom Software Project Category

Of course, your project has a specific aim and set of goals that measure its success. To significantly reduce the number of possible software development companies, consider which specialization might be best for your project.

Some software developers expertly produce enterprise systems and platforms. Some use mobile development, desktop application development, and real-time development. For each need, there is probably a company seeking to corner that market and serve it special satisfaction.

Even within these general categories, there are smaller and finer differences between software developers who specialize in even deeper details. For instance, a development company might solely develop applications for dental offices, resorts, or small retail businesses.

At the same time, software developers can form expertise for big data. They could choose only B2B clients and marketing firms, for example. This is all to say that whatever your project or industry is, a development company likely specializes in it.

Once you work through your category and type, you might develop a list of potential firms to carry into the next step of consideration.

On your list of potential custom software partners, you will probably see individual freelancers, small firms, and large, well-known agencies. Before you choose among them, consider whether they outsource, offshore, or nearshore their teams and talent.

Outsourced Software Developer

Outsourcing comes in offshoring and nearshoring. Both have their pros and cons as described below, but it’s important to know a few general benefits of outsourcing over using your in-house teams.

Know that outsourcing facilitates shorter contracts and project delivery times that ensure flexibility with optional agreements to extend services. Changing partners or firms is easy while you save money and time without funding and financing an expensive in-house team.

You actually share your risks with the outsourced firm because they also carry responsibility for the success of the project. Then, you’re able to focus more energy on the core functions of your business to stimulate growth.

Offshore vs. Nearshore Software Developer

Offshore software providers lower your costs and introduce your company to an impressive, global talent pool. Still, some struggle because of well-known communication and cultural differences. Mind also that these offshore partners often work in difficult time zones and may have unfamiliar work habit patterns.

Your company can shake off these hesitations with nearshoring. Nearshore talent is also extremely cost-effective, but it starts up fewer cultural differences and time zone challenges. Nearshore or offshore, your company can benefit in several ways from a custom software development agency over in-house teams. See why.

In-House Software Developers

Some organizations believe that their in-house teams have an advantage when dealing with far-sighted projects and central products. It’s obvious they are readily available and completely devoted to completing impressive projects for the company with focused time and energy.

But, internal teams have several difficult demands. The time to hire helpful talent can take months, and they’ll often require thorough training that cuts into profits and budgets. Luckily, even in-house teams can be augmented by outsourced talent and software houses.

Software Houses and Agencies

Agencies offer the complete package for many clients. You never need to hire, train, or support for an agency that takes on control and responsibility for your project’s development. Combine this with the ability to hire such agencies nearshore, and you have the makings of money-savings and reduced time to completion.

Other reasons that you might choose a software house or agency are the reduction of risk and improved communication. Get closer to the teams that develop your software without needing to finance equipment or contracts.

Once you’ve analyzed which developer type makes the most sense for your project and operation, cut your list further down to those who can offer some of the benefits above. Before moving to the next hiring stage, remember that among all the options nearshoring an agency in your niche gives the right balance of cost and quality.

Shortlist a Nearshore Custom Software Development Company

With a solid understanding of your product category, ideal developer type, and resources available, you’re ready to hire an agency that prioritizes your needs and specializes in your niche. It’s likely you want to release a product with speed at a reasonable price. Moreover, you need to maintain quality and a pleasant working relationship.

For many people, this means that hiring nearshore talent that has a special knowledge of your company category and customer. Here are some noteworthy reasons customer recommend the nearshore agency type of custom software development:

  • Nearshore talent enhances and augments in-house teams to promote the highest levels of quality.
  • Teams of nearshore agencies assume responsibility for products and help share risk with stakeholders.
  • The nearshore option facilitates more available and transparent customer support and assistance.
  • Distances and differences don’t interfere with outsourced talent relationships while nearshoring.

Vantageio creates custom software for niche interests through a team of highly experienced experts in development. With local architects, nearby managers, and nearshore developers, Vantageio saves clients time, money, and energy. Consider how you can build your next successful product through a free software consultation.

Samuel Morhaim

Samuel Morhaim

Samuel Morhaim is Founder and CEO of Vantage IO which creates custom software, web/mobile applications and cloud solutions in addition to staff augmentation, consulting and advisory services. Samuel has over 20 years of experience developing software for startups and enterprise clients. His experience includes Healthcare IT, InsureTech, Marketing Automation and Rapid Application Development strategies.

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