Connecting the dots – Automation with AI Applications

ai applications

Creating technology is not as difficult as it seems. You simply put together the pieces of the puzzle in the right place and voila! The difficult part is knowing where the pieces go, how to make them fit together. Even more difficult, is when you don’t have the pieces, but you have the image in […]

Your mobile App Idea is not that original… and what to do about it

app idea

When you finally get that unique app idea, you will most likely believe your idea is original and never done before, and you will be wrong! Chances are there is a kid in a basement doing the same thing already. So how do we differentiate our app from the rest? Unique ideas are very hard […]

Why your application will crash in 2018 and how to prevent it

application crash

Are you worried about your web or mobile application crashing in the near future? If you are careful and plan accordingly you can avoid a horrible crash and ensure your application is engineered to scale. Read to learn the scalability top trends for 2018. Improve Scalability to Avoid Application Crash So what is scalability? It is […]

3 Hidden Mobile App Cost in 2018 – and How to Avoid It

Mobile App Cost

Are you aware of all the mobile app cost involved in maintaining your web or mobile app after it has been delivered? Did you know simple mistakes or poor decisions will make a difference in the bottom line? Keep reading to find out what these hidden costs are and how to mitigate them. Your app […]

Do I need a marketing agency to develop my mobile application?

develop my mobile application

Getting ready to develop my mobile application and launch your project and think you need a marketing agency to do the job? Think twice before you burn through thousands of dollars Understand the pros/cons first and know your options. Especially if you are on a budget, this article is just for you! For a list […]

27 Questions to ask when starting mobile app project

starting mobile app

If you are starting a mobile app development project or a new idea is very exciting. We get that lighting of inspiration or that desperately awaited approval from upper management to get our initiative going and we get very excited. However, before you start spinning your wheels and spend a lot of energy (and money) […]