Why your application will crash in 2018 and how to prevent it

application crash

Are you worried about your web or mobile application crashing in the near future? If you are careful and plan accordingly you can avoid a horrible crash and ensure your application is engineered to scale. Read to learn the scalability top trends for 2018. Improve Scalability to Avoid Application Crash So what is scalability? It is […]

Why do you need to consider a Hybrid App?

hybrid app

Ever thought of building a hybrid app? Don’t sweat it! The app developer you hired is telling you he/she only knows how to code for Android ? or Apple / IOS? Don’t worry. Is the agency quoting an arm and a leg for doing both? Relax. You don’t have to choose one or the other […]

Should I build a web or mobile app for my new idea or project?

mobile app idea

When it comes to building your mobile app idea to life, your next startup or project you will face several important decisions to make. There is no definitive right or wrong answer but it all depends on your needs, budget and plans for the future. Let’s begin by understanding each option. What is a web […]