The Complete Guide to Outsourcing Software Development

Outsourcing Software Development

When an entrepreneur takes an idea and turns it into a profitable business, it’s a cause for celebration. But, in this highly competitive world, continued success depends on different and evolving strategies, and when it comes to starting a business, success equals growth.

How Custom Software Can Benefit You

custom software

You may not immediately realize that custom software development is right for your business or industry. But, the truth is that millions of people, companies, and corporations choose a custom software development service to give a competitive edge on every area and processes of a business. Despite that some think these kinds of solutions for […]

Building an MVP for your startup – CEO’s talk @ Venture Café

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Last month our CEO presented a talk on how to build MVP’s for startups at the Venture Café. This event brings together top startups from South Florida, investors and brilliant minds together to learn and network under one roof. With speakers from Google, University of Miami and several innovative businesses, the gathering is a must […]

4 Ways to raise capital for your startup in 2018

startup fund

One of the most difficult things about building a tech business is to get the necessary startup fund. While you may have the most wonderful idea about creating something new and revolutionary, getting it from your head to a practical, real-world solution is more difficult than it may seem. In the old days, many tech […]

The most important things to consider when setting up a Tech Startup in 2018

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The tech startup fever is spreading and a lot of people have caught the bug. If you look at some of the biggest companies in the world today, many of them come from the hi-tech industry. Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Amazon are just some of the businesses that provide technology-related solutions. All these companies […]

Your mobile App Idea is not that original… and what to do about it

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When you finally get that unique app idea, you will most likely believe your idea is original and never done before, and you will be wrong! Chances are there is a kid in a basement doing the same thing already. So how do we differentiate our app from the rest? Unique ideas are very hard […]

3 Hidden Mobile App Cost in 2018 – and How to Avoid It

Mobile App Cost

Are you aware of all the mobile app cost involved in maintaining your web or mobile app after it has been delivered? Did you know simple mistakes or poor decisions will make a difference in the bottom line? Keep reading to find out what these hidden costs are and how to mitigate them. Your app […]