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B2B custom software development for enterprise management of Google My Business Locations

The Story of our Custom Software Success

A successful marketing company specializing in Google My Business management services seek to create software or tools to improve and optimize their internal process and external reporting. A few short weeks later an MVP that delivered these and other features was born. 


Fast-forward 3 years, the tool has grown and evolved becoming a leader in the industry and now onboarding marketing agencies, enterprise clients and local business owners alike to dominate GMB. 

B2B Custom software development

Services Provided

B2B Custom Software Development

We performed end-to-end development of their SaaS platform. Architecture, infrastructure, R&D and deployment.

Fractional CTO

We provided the client with a dedicated seasoned CTO to take charge of everything needed. From strategy planning to high-profile customer meetings where technical knowledge was key.

Research & Development

We developed new technologies for this project and had to come up with novel ways of retrieving, storing and processed the data in a way that would be useful for the end-users. Data analytics and machine learning was used.

Key Numbers

Ongoing Relation
$ 1 K
10000 M
Data Rows Daily

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