The company was conceived by its founders after helping create and launch technologies for multiple companies. The latest of which an algorithm for predictive analytics for social media which helped Fortune 500 brands propel their digital marketing since 2014. Following this success, its founder’s experience has been applied to creating new and exciting technologies for other startups.


The management team has been involved in the evolution of the internet since its early beginnings. Having worked with global corporations as well as promising startups has helped the team cultivate a unique set of skills and methodologies which are now applied to every executed project.

Why Us

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We help clients launch new technology solutions, expertly coded that users will love. Through a unique blend of technology, analysis, and innovation. Our capabilities in strategic consulting, software architecture and data-driven insights, create competitive advantages that help our clients acquire and sustain leadership positions: Data Architecture & Strategy, Predictive Analytics App Development , Marketing Intelligence


Agile, Scrum, Kanban… anyone can recite the theory but very few can apply it. We on-the-other hand have perfected a unique combination of processes and methodologies from in all areas of our operation to serve our clients. We produce world-class custom software solutions with quality and speed, keeping you and your users satisfied.


We invest HEAVILY in continuous education for all of our team of experts. We believe in the potential within each and everyone of the talented members of our organization and doing so translates into a superb experience that benefits YOU, our client.


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