We believe in delivering value using technology in creative ways by creating custom software for you. We are a full-service data solutions studio. Built on experience, grown by relations. We help companies create and deliver stunning technology solutions with quality, on budget and on time. We create web/mobile applications, IoT solutions, voice skills and data analytics solutions following time-tested methodologies to exceed our client’s expectations. We also perform consulting and advisory services on new and existing projects to address quality, compliance and viability to guarantee project’s success. We also implement predictive analytics and machine learning strategies to provide actionable business insights.

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We pride ourselves in our vast experience in the complete software development life-cycle process. We have directly worked as coders, analysts, testers, managers and architects and the product of our work is in-use by large and small organizations globally. Our founder Samuel Morhaim has more than 20+ years of experience in software development in a variety of roles and in many industries such as ERP’s, marketing automation and healthcare.


Agile, Scrum, Kanban… anyone can recite the theory but very few can apply it. We on-the-other hand have perfected a unique combination of processes and methodologies from in all areas of our operation to serve our clients. We produce world-class custom software solutions with quality and speed, keeping you and your users satisfied.


We invest HEAVILY in continuous education for all of our team of experts. We believe in the potential within each and everyone of the talented members of our organization and doing so translates into a superb experience that benefits YOU, our client.

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