Technology evolution: Real experience is not improvised

technology evolution

It has been a long journey for the team and me all throughout 2017. We have had a technology evolution that felt like hatching out of an egg. From the comfort and coziness of our 2016 social media automation startup to flying solo. From the daily madness of pivots that felt like 360 twists more than anything else. But now that the dust is settling we look back at all the learnings, skills, acquaintances and friends won (and some lost) that it all starts to take shape for a brighter future for our clients and our team.

From year to year, technology evolution is one of staggering promise and opportunity – as well as change. The future may be unknown, but digital progress continues to reshape our world in ways that promote people to form new ways, find new ways to work together and become better individuals. In most cases, these changes render into a range of opportunities and disruptions across every business.

I am always amazed by how well and immediately a growing number of organizations navigate this unclear path from asking what’s next to receiving new aggressive advantages with emerging technology courses. The pace of change and development is mind-numbingly fast, we are meticulously making sense of digital improvements and applying them with tremendous courage.

Because of technology evolution. we have had the great opportunity of working side-by-side with some of the largest companies in the world and help them resolve the most critical and sensitive issues they were facing. We have also been able to take napkin ideas and turning them into fully monetized applications for some of our other clients.

And above all, we keep evolving and finding ourselves and discovering newer technologies, processes, and most importantly, talented team players to help us achieve our client’s objectives and fulfill our dreams.

Evolution is not an end-goal but an iterative process.

Samuel Morhaim

Samuel Morhaim

Samuel Morhaim is Founder and CEO of Vantage IO which creates custom software, web/mobile applications and cloud solutions in addition to staff augmentation, consulting and advisory services. Samuel has over 20 years of experience developing software for startups and enterprise clients. His experience includes Healthcare IT, InsureTech, Marketing Automation and Rapid Application Development strategies.

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We create custom software, web/mobile applications and cloud solutions for startups and well establishes companies looking for quality and performance.

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