Should I build an Apple/iOS or Android mobile app?

Building a mobile app? Don’t sweat it! The app developer you hired is telling you he/she only knows how to code for Android ? or Apple / IOS? Don’t worry. Is the agency quoting an arm and a leg for doing both? Relax.

You don’t have to choose one or the other – if you don’t want to.

When planning the development of an app you will need to make important decisions but this one doesn’t have to be a hard one.

Where is your target audience? If you have a specific reason to believe that your audience is using one device more than the other then this simplifies the decision. You can do some research using tools as explained in this post. If you still need help figuring this, then contact us to learn how we can help with research.

Technology-wise, both platforms can do the same and it gets better, if you are ok with a hybrid app (an app that is written for both platforms but looks like a native app – see our post “Hybrid vs. Native Apps” for more on this) then you can save a big chunk in development and still have both platforms.

Notice we are not even talking about a third option here such as Windows Phones or other platforms. Maybe we are biased, but the truth of the matter is the vast number of users use only Apple or Android devices. For reference, look at this distribution of mobile operating systems worldwide as of May 2018 (


Don’t let the skills of your developers dictate your strategy and don’t let a hunch decide what platform to build your next mobile app. There are ways to get all of your devices by using hybrid technologies so don’t limit yourself.


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